Think Love. Think Peace. Think Kind. Think Hope. Think Together.

A huge thanks to those who are being inspiring, kind and patient. 

If you‘d like to donate to our wonderful NHS:

We wanted to make some positive noise during these extreme and unprecedented times.
The campaign started with one poster we managed to hustle for free and it rapidly grew from there.
One billboard became 2, 2 became 4 and now we’ve got a multi-media campaign including posters, radio, social and TV.
Everyone involved has donated their time and positive energy for free and we can’t thank you enough.



George Rossides for all poster sites
Andre & Dorothy at AncoDigital, Keith at Ocean Outdoor,
Mark Coia & Darren at Alight Media,
Jade & Sam Dayeh at London Lites, Fiona & Jon at OpenMedia,
Adam Stockton, Charles & Dagmara at FlowCity and Mark at Smart Outdoor. for all TV spots
David Yorath, Katy Sharpe and Tom Currey
Radio: Chris at Bauer Media and HallamFM
Social Media: Ryan Price


Yoko Ono
Marcus Rashford for his amazing contribution
Johnathan Barnbrook


Director: Tom Carty
Creatives: Thomas Carty/Gary Woodward
Producer: Agent Virginia Chalks
Associate Producer: Daniella Milton
Voice Artist: Anjelica Huston
Editor: Paul Watts
Music Composer: James Warren
Performed by: Antony Genn & Martin Slattery
Publisher: Daniel Ogden Warner Chappell Ltd
Sound Design: Johnnie Burn
Title Design: Johnathan Barnbrook
Make-Up Design: KC Mussman
Post Production: Executive Creative Director - Neil Davies
VFX Supervisor - Bruno Fukumothi, Executive Producer - Tomek Zietkiewicz
Research: Bertie Murch, Jane White, Neil Kumar, Gary Woodward
Project Management: Jane White


Andrew Kelly, A.L., Alex River, Ben Garratt, Bonnie Doman
Chloe Evans, Caique Silva, Christian Buehner, Chris Steele-Perkins
Claudio Divizia, Dimitar Belchev, Edwin Hooper, Ergin Yalcin
Felix Lamar Hernandez, Fred Kearney, Joe Newman, Piers Fierick
Joy Malone, Julian Myles, Jihan Abdalla / Media Bakery, Manny Fortin
Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma’aji, Nicole Geri, Niall O’Brien
Nika Kramer / Red Bull, Noah Buscher, Pablo Merchán Montes
Peter Marlow / Magnum, Slater King, Steve Knutson, Thomas Carty


Ruth Jones, Nya Jock, André Ferreira & Sandjen DuStyle Lopez
Katia Aislen & Osmel Rodriguet Garcia, Sabastian Villa & Mateo Lopez
Logan Diaz & Maya Malone-Johnson, Mona Ivinskis c/o Karol Kelner,Indie Coney & Paige Simms
Matthew James Dunigan & Mimi Pérez-K, Taan & Chetu Nayyar
Mikki McDonald & Sadie McKenzie, Awwal Muhammad & Khadija Muhammad
Felix Naylor Marlow & Theo Naylor Marlow, Mr Le van So & Mrs Nguyen Thi Loi
Ashlee Montague, Paige Hamblet, Fleur Christine Fearick, Nicole Sireilles
Bonnie Doman, Nana Albert, Nathan Brenna, Amanda Stefanone


Voice Artist: Anjelica Huston
Voice Artist: Sienna Guillory ( Tag Line ) - Advoice
Music Composer: James Warren
Performed by: Antony Genn & Martin Slattery
Publisher: Daniel Ogden Warner Chappell Ltd
Sound Design: Johnnie Burn for hosting this page
Jason Farrell for website co-ordination